Car Batteries


We offer the best prices on replacement vehicle batteries in the Shire.

With a wide range of batteries including  SuperCharge, Besco & Century Yuasa  we have a battery to suit every vehicle and budget including Car Batteries, Marine and Boat Batteries, Deep Cycle, Golf Buggy Batteries & Truck Batteries.

Our fast turnaround means you can be powered up and back on the road in no time ! Call Now. 

 Signs you need a new Battery :  

When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is slow or takes longer than normal to start.

Often a check engine light will appear when your battery power is weak.

Low fluid level: If the fluid level is low it could be time to have the battery tested.

If your battery casing is looking worn or bloated or is leaking.

Although a Car battery CAN last more than 3 years, once it hits 3 yrs or older you should have it replaced or at least have its condition inspected regularly. 

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